1 Hanging Tree

The Hanging Tree

Hole 1
Par 4 311 Yards Avg. Score 4.80

The Hanging Tree

Only 311 yards but a tough opening hole especially off the medal tee. Central placement of the tee shot is crucial and a challenging second shot over the duck pond to a tricky green will leave many a player reloading - in fact if you have only one Pro-V1 in your bag keep it for later!

Tee Box Yardage

White Tee Mens - 311 Yds Green Tee Mens - 284 Yds Red Tee Ladies - 271 Yds

Long Fairway

This is quite a narrow fairway which bends slightly to the right. A shot left is recommended to avoid the notorious hanging tree!


One medium sized bunker guards the right hand side of the green for any players trying to avoid the pond.

Water Hazard

The green is guarded by a large pond, beware of the crocodiles!

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